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Best Mobile Casinos South Africa

Compared to traditional gambling, mobile gambling is a relatively new development. However, it is not that new. In a way, it is a logical extension or development after slot machines. From the earliest machines which looked like arcade games, to today’s sophisticated multi-level gaming platforms, a lot of the technology has been in development. In keeping up with what is current in terms of technology and gambling trends, mobile casinos are just an extension of modern life.

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Modern slot machines started as mechanical devices or arcade games. At first they looked like arcade mechanical devices less sophisticated than automatons, but much like pinballs. If you think about it, Japanese pachinko machines are a form of gaming, which would not look out of place at a casino. Today, computer casino games can be found worldwide, including South Africa.

Top Mobile Casinos 2017

Thunderbolt casino is a premier gaming destination for South Africans and offers a mega R10 000 bonuses for new players. To get started on Thunderbolt mobile casino visit on your mobile or tablet device, you’ll automatically be redirected to the mobile site. Click on the ‘PLAY NOW’ button on the home page to start the mobile casino software and you’re ready to enjoy 70+ Mobile Games, exclusive mobile casino promotions and free-spins offers. Thunderbolt Mobile Casino works on iOS and Android devices.

SilverSands mobile casino follows the same high quality gaming experience we’ve come to expect from the Silversands brand of online casino. With the launch of it’s iOS casino, SilverSands is launching itself into the 21st century with its unique range of RTG games on offer, including Coyote Cash, Builder Beaver, and Captain Goldbeard. Get playing now on your mobile with a huge R8 888 mobile welcome bonus. Play at Silversands Mobile casino today!

History of Mobile Gambling

Starting from the 1970s when the first computer games appeared, the tools to develop electronic casino games can be seen in the roots of these electronic games. The only real difference is that casino games have more elements of luck, and less of eye-hand movement or motor skills.

There was a need to tweak these games from being more mechanical to look like and feel like those in a casino. However, that would be easier done, as long as the technology existed, to simulate tapping, or to have a swivel arm. It would then be easy to implement a mobile casino game.

With the use of the Internet, anyone can sign up for an account at an online casino and play mobile casino games anywhere in the world.

Legalities of Mobile Gambling in South Africa

According to the law, the only gambling allowed for play in South Africa is sports betting. These include legal bookies and betting stations. There is no mention of mobile gambling. In essence, the basis for saying it is illegal to gamble in South Africa is the location of the casino. Mobile casinos operate worldwide, giving players from all countries the opportunity to play as they wish.

South Africans can play online mobile gambling games in the comfort of their homes. There is a deep penetration of mobile Internet in South Africa. Some of the largest players include Vodacom, with more than half of the market. Other carriers are Cell C, and MTN. With their penetration into the market, a lot of South Africans have data plans, allowing them to use their mobile phones to access the Internet.

Benefits of No Deposit Bonuses

There are a lot of online casinos and websites that cater to gaming. For those who want to play with any of these games providers, you would be better off studying the benefits of each of them. Each of these websites has its own styles, features and methods to keep their players.

One of the best ways that websites have found to keep their players is to offer promotions and playing bonuses. As a general rule, players are hard to please. They like to play, but they also want their experience to be pleasurable and without a hassle. One of the benefits which players like is that of the bonuses. Another is that of having no deposits. In most instances, the initial zero cash outlay method does not really get these game sites the players that they need.

Players, in turn, are very grateful when their gaming site gives them bonuses and options for their winnings.