Android Casinos South Africa

Android phones are extremely popular across the world. This is mainly because of their affordable prices. These devices are also really easy to use and have a wide array of functions. This is not just limited to communication, but in other activities as well, including gambling. There are online casinos that you may access using your Android device. In South Africa, you can play online casino using your local currency and not worry about exchange fees.

How to Play at Android Casinos

Choosing to play online casino using your Android device is just the first step. There are a lot of platforms to choose from if you wish to get started with online casino. You can choose RTG, Playtech or NetEnt. In fact, you can try all of them since there are free play options if you don’t want to use real money. You can immediately sign up to access the games. They can be played using the browser of your phone. You can even enjoy these games during the wee hours of the night.

Game Options

There are different games for you to choose from. You can have the 3-reel and video slots, progressive jackpots or the classic poker and blackjack. Since you are using your mobile device, you can expect high-resolution graphics and great sound effects. You can log in to play and keep playing even if you are outdoors. With this mobile device, it is easy to access the game wherever you may be.


It is also possible for you to win bonuses using through android casinos. Signing up to play will automatically give you a bonus. You may also have a no deposit bonus of up to R300. Once you decide to play with real money, you will receive a welcome bonus. To claim the bonus, you just have to enter the coupon code. The money will then be automatically directed to your account.

Payment method

There are different payment methods accepted depending on your chosen online casino platform. You can do bank wire transfer or through e-wallets. You can also link them with your credit card. By then, sending and withdrawing money won’t be difficult for you. Keep in mind that there are different rules governing each payment option. Thus, you need to be familiar of them first.